Saturday, July 12, 2008


I joined this garden in May of 2008, then promptly got involved in a lengthy process to remove a kidney stone the size of Detroit.

So for 2 months - no gardening.

As such, the native plants that had "taken over" the garden space did their thing and continued to grow.

When I arrived (finally) I saw that an incredible, lush field of flowering plants, ferns, wild onions, and a wild array of unknown guests had taken root.

If I had planned this garden and planted these plants, would it be the same? Even if it looked the same?

The natural chaos of nature had taken a stand against human will and planning. With the help of the wind, bird shit, and over wintered seeds, this space had exploded into form and color.

How is that like musical improvisation? Those incredible mishaps that occur when we are in the groove and not thinking, not afraid - and boom! We find a new slant on the harmonic path.